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TRINCA offers its customers to use a remote support via tele-service by connecting its looms and its conversion to a PC Windows CE (NETSPVISION) which the follow allows:

  • Remote assistance of all looms and conversion connected to the system NetSPVision;
  • Production control for single loom via Intranet and Internet;
  • Parameter control drives via notebook by drives adapters for control and assistance of all devices inserted into electric box or individual machine.

These remote control systems, create remarkable advantages to the customer in the search of the potential defect and potential cause of loom stop and allow to bring the machine back into production in the shortest possible time.


For use the notebook system, all you need is an Internet connection in LAN of the notebook (not wireless because of possible disconnections line) and a cable connection from the PC to DRIVE TRINCA provided with the device. In the system the client will find the files procedure which describes the simple steps that will allow at the operator to connect in remote the TRINCA technicians for its technical assistance.
The NOTEBOOK supplied is connected via Skype to all TRINCA technician, in case of problem, you can open the window of intervention with a simple Skype call, the technician will respond at Your questions and in case he will open the remote connection to analyze and solve the problem.


The system data NetSPVision can be connected simultaneously to a maximum of 8 looms or conversion looms with a control WINDOWS CE TRINCA. By connecting the device NetSPVision via intranet and internet, it allows the user to access and verify all the variables of the loom like serial number, alarm, speed, machine configuration, etc.
The loom data can be viewed LIVE inside the factory by Intranet or outside the factory by internet for any Trinca assistance, following by authorization and the customer's request.
The system data NetSPVision is able to store automatically, on each loom, the following events:

  • Loom production data (Meters / hour -% loom efficiency, etc.);
  • Machine data at every costumer shift;
  • Log stops at every single alarm.

These files can be downloaded to the costumer in HTML or EXCELL.

The system NetSPVision also store, for each loom, file in log format, where you can view the causes and the description of each loom stop alarm, list by date (example: operator stop or brake weft stop, etc.) . Within the events section, you can check the individual change parameter performed by the operator, including all active maintenance recommended by TRINCA (gearbox oil change- lubrication control components, etc.).

Thanks to the possibilities described above and the machine parameters display, the customer and the TRINCA technicians ensuring a proper assistance in case a downtime event. Important to know that the TRINCA technicians can remotely access at the system NetSPVision and provide technical assistance only if all looms are connected to the Internet with a fixed IP address and only after the access authorization and confirmation to the system by the customer.