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MOD. T.2N.10E/PS

Weaving industrial machines for Synthetic fabrics

Looms of weaving heaviest technical fabrics

The new TRINCA loom series type T.2N.10E/PSis designed, developed and manufactured to satisfy the production requirements of weaving heaviest technical fabrics with 12 meter loom width and more.
The manufacturing program of the loom series T.2N.10E/PS includes all advanced and latest technologies presently available to produce extremely heavy fabrics at high speed and with a power performance which can be reached only with difficulty by other weaving machines on the market at the present time. Following parts and equipment makes the weaving machine series type T.2N.10E/PSto be a universal, multipurpose loom, suitable to weave metal wire fabrics, as well as techincal industrial fabrics, multilayer fabrics for transport belts, fabrics for architectonic application, fi lters, felts, forming and dryer fabrics for the papermaking process.

  • Weft insertion system (patented) with 2 servomotor driver brandrapiers
  • Slay driven by complementary cams, running in oilbath, with a standstill during the beat-up
  • 3-roller fabric tensioning and upwinding device
  • Direct fabric tensioning and upwinding device with only one take-up beam
  • Fabric upwinding device standing outside the loom
  • Electronic loom control, regulation and syncronizing of all operating functions by a PC
  • Control from one and up to ten in-line running warpbeams, with separate and synchronized tension control, each single warpbeam controlled and driver by a servomotor
  • The electronically (by separate servomotors) driven TRINCA dobby, suitable up to 56 heddle-frames, with possibility to control and adjust each single frame by the keyboard
  • Weaving possibility with open and closed shed is set by the keyboard
  • Modular, very strong steel supporting structure of the loom
  • Electronically controlled weft feeding and color change device, suitable up to 12 colors

Technical Features

Wire diameter: from 0,10 mm. up to 2,00 mm. Suitable for weaving following materials: synthetic yarns, stainless steel, high tensile carbon steel, high content alloys, natural fibers

Weaving speed adjustable from 0 - 100 0 - 110 0 - 120 0 - 140 0 - 150 0 - 160
Maximum beat-up power Nm 6.5000 6.500 8.000 9.000 9.000 9.000
Weaving width in mm. 14.000 12.000 8.000 6.000 5.000 4.000