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Company profile

The TRINCA COMPANY was established in 1940 and began their production by building textile shuttle looms for weaving silk, nylon, wool and cotton fabric. In the early seventies of the past century the production of textile weaving machines had been changed into manufacturing weaving machines and special equipments for the metal wire fabric industry. Applying all the technology developed over many previous years, the company consolidated upon this and is today a leader in the market for manufacturing looms and high technology.

At present, TRINCA has achieved completely electronically driven looms, equipped with the TRINCA patented bandrapier weft insertion system and the TRINCA patented electronically controlled dobby, suitable for weaving:

  • metal wire fabrics
  • synthetic fabrics as felts, forming, press, dryer and filter fabrics
  • architectonical fabrics, crimped grids and sieves
  • carpets with natural fibres
  • technical single/multi-layer fabrics with closed edges, made with shuttle equipped looms

Further TRINCA Weaving Equipments:

  • Pre-assembled, electronically driven conversion kits for rebuilding existing mechanically driven looms by converting them into electronically controlled machines
  • edge spot welding and edge tucker devices
  • weft change and feeding devices for 2-4 and 8 position
  • swift
  • weawing edge waste accumulators
  • bottle bobbin winder
  • winding - trolley
  • copsatrice
  • electronic warping machine
  • canister beamer
  • winding stand
  • crimping machine
  • prespooler
  • electronic dobby
  • unwinding

The TRINCA production area extends today over 10.000 sq. metres, which includes a 4.500 sq./m covered production plant with latest technology and high-tech manufacturing equipments. TRINCA looms are developed and designed by experienced engineers and technicians specialized for the research of technological improvements of always new, customized solutions. The looms are manufactured by skilled craftsmanship in way to meet highest quality expectations.

Our technical and commercial support service and prompt spare part distribution, as well as our cooperation with other specialized companies and worldwide represented suppliers, allows us to be for our customers an extremely quick, flexible and competitive cooperating partner, with the same qualification as offered by much greater companies and competitors.