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MOD. T.N.6E-PS 4200

Weaving industrial machines for Metal wire mesh

Appropriate to weave heavy fabrics PZ from steel wires

Description of the type of loom:

T =loom
N = weft insertion with 1 rapier tape
6 = no. of slay driving cam groups
E = driven by eccentric curves running in oil bath
PS = extra strong
4200 = weaving width


  • weaving width: max. 4200 mm – min. 1500 mm;
  • adjustable speed from 0 up to max. 60 rpm
  • maximum warp tension 10.000 daNm
  • maximum beat-up tension 12.000 daNm
  • modular steel structure;
  • direct take-up;
  • warping device including 2 posterior removable warp beams;
  • electronically adjustable deflection rollers with possibility to save the position of the beams in the article data.

R = dobby
E = electronically controlled
R = rotating
2 = duplex connecting rods (shafts are connected from top and bottom)
8 = no. of heddle frames

  • n. 4 connections for each of the top frames
  • n. 4 connections for each of the bottom frames
  • PC driven and controlled;
  • possibility to weave with opened or closed shed;
  • possibility to align the frames onto point “0”;
  • possibility to control and adjust each single frame in manual mode;
  • possibility to adjust the frames standstills;
  • possibility to adjust the frame change phase.


The complete loom control, all data settings and operating function adjustments are carried out by the TRINCA electronic control device and the especially by TRINCA developed loom managing.
All electronic and electric control devices are installed inside the main switchboard and all data, as well as loom driving and control functions are developed by an industrial PC with software windows CE.