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Weaving industrial machines for Metal wire mesh

Machine for assembly anti-block mesh welding with polyurethane stripes

Explanation of the loom type letters and numbers:

M = machine
A = assembly
R = mesh
A = anti-block
P = polyurethane

  • metal wire diameter min. 1,0 – max. mm. 5,0.


  • Modular steel structure;
  • Device for block the steel warp wire through polyurethane blade command by pneumatic piston;
  • Device for block the steel mesh through polyurethane blade command by pneumatic piston;
  • Forward mesh truck command by servomotor;
  • Forward warp wire truck command by servomotor;
  • Synchronization between forward mesh truck and forward warp wire truck;
  • Welding device for fuse the polyurethane stripes (polyurethane stripes position by hand);
  • Welding step setting by PC;
  • Magnetic plan for block the warp wire.


The complete loom control, all data settings and operating function adjustments are carried out by the TRINCA electronic control device and the especially developed TRINCA loom managing. All electronically and electric control devices are installed inside the main switchboard and all data’s, as well as loom driving and control functions, are developed by an industrial PC with software windows CE.