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High Technology

Weaving industrial machines for Synthetic fabrics

High Technology

The international markets require more and more woven top quality products with a high level of technological content, fabrics with very diversified specifications to be used for many different application.
On course to meet the requirements of these markets and applying all our technical experience, TRINCA achieved a new machinery line, which can be fitted with several “high tech” devices and equipment. This allows to customize every loom of our already well introduced weaving machine line “T.N.E.” and to build it for the very individual need of each single customer.

The machinery-line “HIGH TECNOLOGY” incorporates all technical knowledge developed in many years as manufactures of special machinery and equipment and is intended to serve all branches for the production of:

  • each kind of metal wire
  • fabrics and wire cloth
  • fabrics for architectonic applications
  • natural fiber fabrics and carpets
  • synthetic fabrics and felts
  • multi-layer fabrics

The most important additional feature on our weaving machines “T.N.E.” is the possibility to fi t them with range of modular equipment and devices, as follows:

1. Weft insertion system (patented)

  • with one servomotor driven bandrapier
  • with two servomotor driven bandrapiers
  • with a shuttle weft insertion system, suitable to weave synthetic fabrics and felts, single or multilayers, with closed weaving edges

2. Sley movement

  • driven by complementary cams, running in oilbath
  • driven by a crankshaft, running in oilbath

3. Electronic controlled regulators

  • possibility to weave fabrics with regulations as “mesh”, “cm” or “french number”; warp-tension control and regulation by servomotors

4. Warpbeams

the loom can be equipped with different warpbeams types, such as:

  • single-fl at warpbeams; ring-or stir warpbeams
  • warpbeams with canister
  • 2 or more warpbeams running “in line” and fi tted to the loom with a separate supporting structure, controlled by servomotors for the separate warp-tension control and regulation

5. 3-roller fabric tensioning device

  • the fabric tensioning and the mesh adjustment is carried out by a 3-roller system, controlled by servomotors

6. Direct fabric tensioning device

  • the fabric tensioning and mesh adjustment is carried out by only one beam, suitable also for the direct upwinding of the woven fabric

7. Heddleframe movement (patented)

  • with a TRINCA DOBBY, driven by servomotors and controlled by a PC, which allows to carry out all heddleframe adjustments, one indipendent from the other by the keyboard. Beside numerous further advantages, this dobby allows also to operate with “open shed” or “closed shed”, operating mode changed only by a key on the PC

8. The electronic loom control

  • by a personal computer which controls and synchronizes all weaving functions, as well as also the various modular equipment and devices listed

9. The TRINCA software

  • standard programs can be customized for individual requests

10. Motorized cutting devices

  • for a fabric cut in different strips directly on the loom during the weaving process

11. Pneumatic scissor devices (patented)

  • for the weft preparing and cut, controlled by the PC

12. Weaving edge waste accumulators

  • separetly motorized, with tension adjustment of the waste

13. Weft prespooler (patented)

  • three prespooler models, T300 - T600 and T1000, built in 3 different dimensions, prepared to be connected to the loom and suitable for each diameter and material quality to be woven


Beamers equipped with microprocessors, suitable for the tension control and adjustment of the warp:

  • warping devices for fl at warpbeams with conical warping
  • warping devices for ring (stir) warpbeams
  • warping devices for canister

15. Weaving edge welding devices (for transport belts)

  • this device is prepared to cut and to weld the edges directly on the loom during the weaving process

16. Weaving edge tucker device (patented)

  • this device is suitable for the forming of closed edges by folding the weft and closing it into the fabric during the weaving process

17. Weft colour change devices

  • this device allows to weave with more than one weft, even with different weft diameters and wire/yarn qualities

18. Wire crimping devices

  • this device is suitable for the crim-ping of weft and also warp wires

19. Weft preparing devices for pre-crimped wires

  • this device allows to prepare precrimped wires and rods with larger diameters for the weaving process

20. Weaving machines for pre-crimped fabrics

  • this is a special weaving machine, suitable for weaving very heavy fabrics with pre-crimped wires
This is only a brief description of our product range. We are always available to discuss with our customers their special requirements and design individual weaving machines.